I have an idea for my final year project that will include a back end database to store all the data and an interactive map that will show users attractions in the area. I would want them to be able to click the pins that will be used to show attractions and was looking for an opinion on which would be the best way to code this? On placement I use ASP.NET with C# in Visual Studio and SQL for stored procedures. At uni we used HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP in notepad++ was wondering what other more experienced developers would suggest to be the easiest option to code.

Thanks in advance

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Personally I would go for the HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP option purely because those are all dedicated web languages as opposed to C# which isn't.

Use whichever you feel most comfortable/confident with though, that is the most important thing.

I think HTML, CSS, Javascript, and php would be the easiest because it easier to work with on the web rather than using c#, i say you should use c# to challenge yourself :)

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