How can we get more likes for Facebook page?

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Post regularly, several times a day, various content - viral videos, images with with clear and contrasting colors, links, questions; join different relevant groups on FB and post there. Use Facebook paid advertising, find out who is your target audience and advertise to them. You'll get active likes this way.

I agree with previous post. There is no other effective way to earn more likes that you have now.. Ofcourse you can by likes and reposts, but usually such platforms have accounts which are not looks like live accounts of real users and it looks a little spammy. Moreover, they repost a lot of other pages, so I think you also can be banned because of them..

Huge numbers of Likes can come naturally in almost any industry provided you are offering regular, intereresting and relevant new posts. It may take some time to develop a large enough audience to naturally generate Likes so one trick is to Like others, similarly themed Facebook Fan Pages. Often, that is enough to encourage those players to visit and in turn Like your page.

Hm..I though that you can be banned for such actions and if algorithms of Facebook reveals such activity moreover if you will have a lot of outgoing requests to add as friends, I think It will implement sanctions.. no?

I agree with cwvps. By posting regularly we can increase the page likes.

This was so helpful in increasing my Facebook likes.

If our posts helped you in your questions, so I offer to write here about your result. What did you achieve after we gave your answers?)

Please join some relevent groups as well as share your post with that groups

Make much more friends and keep on posting regularly that attracts your friends to increase your page likes.

There are many tools are available for increase likes on your facebook page instantly but most of the likes are not real. Maximum likes are fake and after sometimes it is decrease automatically. so I recommend ECIR pro who helps to get more and more real likes on facebook page

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