I know that Windows 10 is now out, and it would make the most amount of sense to either rename our current Windows Vista/7/8 forum into Vista/7/8/10, or separate them out into Vista/7 and 8/10. However, due to all of our recent issues with Google, I'm trying to avoid any big changes to our navigational structure at the moment. Letting things settle a bit, as Google has been doing some deep crawls lately. So it's not that I've forgotten or am backburnering it ... I'm purposely waiting just a little bit. Perhaps a week or so.

Awesome, although lolwindows10, here's a quick overview of it from a privacy/security point of view

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Thanks, I just came to ask about that.

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Win 10??! Oh. There was I starting to use w8 peeping through my fingers. Yuck. Is this better or is it just as bad or worse - if that.s possible? Give me 3.1 any day

It gets better. It's a "free" upgrade if you are running 7 or 8.x but there are certain things you must pay extra for. Windows Media Centre? Extra. You like solitaire? Sure, you still get a free version but if you want to play without ads you have to pay $1.49 (or there abouts) per month. The Start Menu (after a fashion) is back but by default it streams content (including ads) and does not have anywhere near the functionality of the Windoows 7 Start Menu. You want privacy? Forget it unless you

  1. have the Enterprise version
  2. disable a dozen or more settings in a dozen or more different places

For the first point, there is a setting that says "disable" but if you choose that in any version other than Enterprise, Windows just says fuck you and re-enables it.

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He he. Ok back to struggling with Linux then. Why does progress in Windows end up as an oxymoron?

Perhaps because Microsoft has defined progress, not as a more secure, more efficient or easier to use operating system, but as more profits for Microsoft.

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I always get the creeps, when they tell me something is for free. My philosophy here is: The only thing for free, is the sun coming up every morning.

Unless you live in certain states in the US where they penalize you (financially) for putting up solar panels. The rationale is that you are "stealing" from the utility companies by getting power for free from the sun.

ARS Technica reports that Windows 10 still sends info to Microsoft even when specifically told not to. Some services apparently connect to Microsoft's servers through unencrypted channels, possibly allowing the interception of download traffic.