Hello Everyone.
For a few weeks now, I have been seeing the following message while the computer is booting: 'SiSUSbBrg.exe - Unable To Locate Component. This application has failed to start because SiS_Lib.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.' I have been unable to get a clear response how to correct. Mydesktop has XP Home Edition Service Pack 1. Don't know if these issues are related: (1) Can't successfully install Service Pack; (2) Can't download Windows Media Player 10; (3) In trying to correct the first problem, I uninstalled the USB Controllers and now the New Hardware Installation Wizard is not finding the software on either the internet or the cd-rom. Are these problems related and how can I fix them? I have tried everything suggested (except adjusting the BIOS). I know that the printer is fine, because I successfully installed it to my laptop. I also successfully installed my USB 2.0 External Harddrive to the desktop. Hope somebody can tell me what is wrong and how I can make my desktop whole again. Thanks.

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Those names sound like virus'. I'd scan them. Also, see if you can find them on your drive and rename them to some temporary name to see if that helps. One way to find recently added virus files is to search in DATE order. .exe and .dll files that are very recent and not immediately recognizable as useful are candidates for renameing and then rebooting!

Also, try looking in your Task Manager processes list (CTRL-ALT-DEL/Task Manager/Processes) for suspicious looking executible names. Then look for those executibles on your hard drive. If they are in weird places (though that may take some experience to recognize) you can try renaming them to make them stop running at boot time. Take care, though, because if you rename a critical component, Windows may not boot. So, I'd be vewwy vewwy careful with that.

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