Hey everyone -

I'm graduating with a BS in Information Technology soon, but feel like I know nothing. I'm worried that I won't find a decent job when the time comes. I know C++, C, and a little Python, and I spent a good portion of my teen years building computers, which I'm really good at. Can someone please recommend any books and languages to learn? Thanks!!


Hi there! Welcome to DaniWeb. IT is such a huge field that it's impossible to learn enough of any small discipline in order to be proficient at it. I think the job of school is to give you an overview of everything there is out there, so you can decide whether you're more of a hardware guy, or a programming guy, or a web development guy, etc. The first stop is to find your niche.

Consider school as a low-level apprenticeship where you learn just enough to be dangerous! :-) If you had good grades and your school is considered competent in turning out graduates with some capability, you can get a starting position in many organizations given the current need for IT and software professionals. You will learn more in a professional position than you did in school, because you will have to produce in order to advance! A lot of us old farts (I say that about myself because I am now 65) are going to retire in a few years, so new blood is definitely needed. Get a job in a position that has the possibility of being of interest to you, and find an old fart like me to be your mentor. I have mentored many promising engineers over the years, and some of them are now senior staff for tier-one companies like Intel and Applied Materials. Right now, I am performing such a role for several young staff members in my organization.