Hi freinds how are ?
we lose a garte man paul walker i m so sad tel me about some paul walker plz

never met him, so I won't start on whether he's "good" or "nice". sure had some talent as an actor, even though the Fast & Furious series he was most known for, aren't really the type of 'great acting' movies.
liked him in Timeline, though.

I wonder if they will find out what really caused this accident. It seems stupid that a couple of guys had to die for nothing ... just getting from A to B ... yesterday we had an accident in my area where 4 teens died in a car accident caused by speeding. I think there should be more speed controls imbedded in a car's computer.

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A Porsche is made for speed, not all drivers can handle it. I feel sorry for Mister Walker since he was the innocent passenger.

The Porsche they were driving actually produces more power than an 1980's F1 car. Also, unlike most modern cars the GT4 is primarily built for the track not the street and as such has many of the features that most drivers take for granted traction control, Electronic stablity programs etc. have been removed or retuned for track use. The idea being that you can drive it to the track and race it but it shouldn't be your everyday car.

As for Paul Walker, didn't know the man but did see a series on Discovery channel with him in it about researching and conserving the Great White Shark where they brought the sharks up on a platform measured took readings and tagged them. He was involved not only as a sponsor and presenter but he was actually out in the boat helping the guys with the sharks

It is sad how he died but it is kind of ironic on how he died... fast & furious star dies in car accident...

yes kamila its very big tragic :(


mace windu way you say sorry ?

He trolled DaniWeb forums using another account, which is banned for three months as a result. The mace_windu account is also banned, permanently, as it was an attempt to get around the other account ban which is something we do not allow.

The news just reported that the Porsche these dummkopfs were driving went over 100 miles/hour in a residential area.