Hello All
My name is Jon Hintz. Just joined the group yesterday. I maintain a small network and a few other standalone systems that run equipment. I work in the Semi-Conductor Industry in Minneapolis MN.
I have an emachines T1842 at home that may have been hit by lightening this past week. I have a TV tuner in this system connected to cable. I had the machine and monitor disconnected during the storm but forgot about the cable. When I went to power up the next day the system was turning on and off at a rapid rate. Almost like the power supply was sensing a short circuit and shutting down then back on, it never started to load the OS. I removed the tuner, now the system will power up but the USB and onboard sound function are dead. The USB hub is working and will occasionally post an overcurrent message. It shows a device is drawing too much current on one of the 6 USB ports ( I have dissconected everything from the USB ports but will still get this message once in a while.
I have found the 12 volt source that connects to the mother board sagging down to ~ 11.5 to 11.6 volts. Not sure if this is ok or if it has to be right at 12 volts for everything to work, I have not measured this when everything was working right. I don't know the archcitecture of USB but I suspect a chip that provides power out to the ports has been damaged. By the way the TV tuner was connected to a PCI slot as was a dial-up modem. I suspect these are dead also but don't have any other PCI cards to test this with. I also suspect the lack of 5 volts to the USB is affecting the sound portion of the mother board. I think my mother board is in need of replacing or the power supply is bad. What do you all think?


Hey Jon,

I personally can't answer your question, but I know many will if ya post in the correct forum ;).

Try posting here: http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/forum7.html

Thanks, and welcome to Daniweb :)

EDIT: OO, and by the way, me uncle own's a fishing resort up there. Good fishing ya got up there :mrgreen: