I am in 9th grade and have a friend who I am arguing with about "What bit video games are currently programmed in".

I argue my point, whether it be true or totally false, that games have not and probably will not stop being programmed in bits. Because bits are what makes up ?ALL? the code that controls the game.
I just google and found out that the bit refers to the graphics card rather than the game itself... true?

He says that after 64 bit games there are no more bits in game programming.

As you can probably see this is very unfamiliar territory for me.

Oh... sorry if this is not where this should have been posted.

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Well older stuff like Atari,Coleco games are 8 bit games...

Newer games are much bigger.... (I prefer 8 bit actually -- Donkey Kong,MS. Pacman)


ALL graphics are programmed in bits (except for some old vectors ganes, but they end up as bits eventually). Bits are either a 1 or a 0 - that's the only way computers can store information. An electrical charge indicates a 1, and lack of it results in a 0.

Bits in the context of computer graphics refers to how much data is used to store a single dot, or pixel, on the screen. 8 bit is quite old and crappy, 16 bit is better, and 24 bit and 32 bit are decent.

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