Hi, I was trying to install a modem to connect to dial-up internet and pushed against one of those little black cylindrical things and the computer shut off and won't turn back on. Like an Idiot I didn't have the computer shut off at the time and had it booted up.

The computer is one of those Compaq Evo small form desktops: P4 2.0ghz, 512mb of ram, 64mb video, 40gig hard drive. PLEASE HELP!!!

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if you ever damage a capacitator then besides from possibly being electrocuted its 99% likely that you have permanently damaged your motherboard. Time for a new PC

Hi there. Its not really a good idea to install any card into the computer if the computers on.. I dont know what it does but im sure its not good for it... As for the black thing yeah i think its a capacitor thats broken as did your other reply. You could try and solder a new capacitor onto the board im sure they wouldnt cost much at all, in saying that by the time you have found one and someone to install the capacitor, its probably cheaper to buy another motherboard.

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