I just registered with this forum a few minutes ago after stuffing my face into a collection of my fathers books, and the netbeans IDE, praticing what I was exposing myself to.
THe past couple of months have been an intensive undergoing, pickin gup after an introduction(java), established back in '03.

I have familiarality with java, and C++, I've scouring perl, and basic. I get the basic sytax, precedence relation, contrast and overall intentions with computer development.

My paternal grandfather who is an HBS(Harvard Business School) graduate and has had close akinship to computers and their emergence into practical use for businesses. He's a charter financial analyst and does all his language based work in basic.

My dad is also someone who uses computers alot. He as been part of some small yet memorable business dealings that dealt with computer programming, and networking and stuff like that since the 80's.
Once the operations manager of a small travl company(aerotours).
Worked at the fed in New York, a slew of investment banks and that stuff.
He does plumming(fixing code for businesses, authors did not do correctly).
He has accumulated a bunch of boooks over time, those which I've been going through to familiarize myself with exactly this work spectrum.
Turbo C++'92, O'rielly collections(HTML, Dynamic HTML, APCHE, Javascript) Networking with TCP/IP, Java Servlets, DNS and BIND, and TCP/IP Definitive guide.
There are a few others, and hardware as old as The first truely computer computers in the basement(thing that looks like a friggen briefcase).
Anywho, I've gotten the chance to learn from him and mygrandfather, they do complex things well integrated in society and wide-range employment and so forth. I'm able to keep up with these things, yet there is always more to learn.
One thing my father and I have in common is conceptual incilnation, though different routes and methods, overall perspectives and tiny opinions. Naturally soft and light is not always the sentiment of relations. But thats life.

About me-
I myself was born on christmas, and am reminded of that, constantly.
It's funny little thing, my older sister born on july 4, and even older cousine, november 25.

I was born with ADHD and Tourette Syndrome, as I've come to manage, raw energy and processing power. WHich I intend to use to futher my understanding and abilities with computers, and anything else in general. Sometimes I can get intense and possesive, and cognizance can be dicey, I hope and strive to show that this will not become a problem so long as I am a member within this community. I want to learn, enjoy myself, and embrace what I see as the, hyper-level of literary poeticsm, computer code.

To the point-Video games
Ever since I was a kid, video games, and A/V digital deviceds/processes at all have been of interest to me.
Something to hold a focus for, a medium for in and out cylces, translation, expression.
I've grown up with the second wave group, not old enough to remember atari or calico vision comprehensibly, though once nintendo hit the shelves, my kin and I were all prime for the abduction, most accurately described.
I've gained gamming buddies throghout growing up, and it has always been a blast, sometimes not necesarrily for my own good.
2 years spent behind convenience stores writing ideas for great game paradigms such as star wars galaxies, and elder scrolls titles, would say as much. Not a cup of tea, especially when only accompnied by a very modest idea of OOP via java backing it. Though I see it as the matter which I have steeled my resolve to become a competent programmer. I have the drive, even though I'm just bearly beggining to hope to becomming independent. I have yet to write and compile my first truely free thought program, despite my much intense self course, with help ofcoure, of learning about many factors of the computer world(more than just programming).

Things I have learnt and internalized-
I have a stable grasp on java and C++, have fingered through bits of perl and am learning more through basic.
I have gone the lengths to learn about computer assembly, bit archetecture, entirety and that spiel.
I even decided to write binary up to 256, simply to drill into my head the process.
Diced down exact processes, so the confusion was no longer existent, and still these things of plastic and medal(and intellectual properties) can still give us aggrevation. For this reason atop most, I witness my interest increased. In this communitty I hope to gain and share, t spread the embrace and advancement of computer technologies and otherwise in general. This is why I registered, and my attitude is steady enough. I hope to learn in great measures here, my intentions are purly good and positive, I hope that is a major-true aspect here.
This is my introduction, thank you for you attention.

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i liked your intro. im much the same (when i was about 4 or 5 my dad intorduced to me dos :) - hes a computer nerd) and now i try to learn as much as i can

welcome and i hope you enjoy daniweb

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