I am here trying to fix a problem for my brother. He has a problem or something called "run time error" whenever he turns on the internet explorer.
The script error says:

" Microsoft Visual C++ Run time library.
Runtime Error
Program:C\ProgramFile\Internet Explorer\IExplorer.exe"

I have tried to search up at google and found some microsoft help site.. but seemed didn't work after trying to click some buttons and reboot the comp.
Can anyone help him fix this problem please!

BTW, he is using Dell Dimension E510(he just bought it few weeks ago). Window XP, I am not sure what version of IE he has tho its not that old.

Any help would be appreciate!

Oh well.. I fixed it
it was the google toolbar that caused the problem.
It works fine now after I uninstall the google toolbar..
justa let some of you know if you have this problem too

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