All I'm new to these forum seeking help. The below start's with's (hosting company) reply to my emails. Our dedicated server down some 8 hours they knew it didn't come back up and failed to contact us... it's all in the emails (most recent at the top.)

What can be done?


Mr. James,

I apologize for the poor communication. I want to try and get you up and running as quickly as possible. The process for this is going to be as you suggested below. Smart restore and slave the old drive.
The only way that I can get this done for you tonight is to have you fill out the CCA I have attached for $150 and sign and return via scan/email or fax.
I can understand your frustration with the charge, but it is the only way I can get this moving tonight. If you feel that this charge is unfair, you can dispute it with a manager or billing in the morning.

Thank you,
Jim Sweere
Dedicated Server Support
Abacus America d.b.a. Aplus.Net &

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Here's an update: Called the Dedicated Support number once again and this time spoke with Bruise Balbot. Thankfully, Bruise has always been VERY responsive along with Martin, great guys! We only now know that the Aplus Techs checked our server some eight (9) hours ago and found that it was not rebooting. Yet no one in on that team made effort to contact me via email or any means and even say ''Mr. James, we've tried to reboot your server and there's a problem. Here are your options...''

8 hours offline and only now finding out over a call I placed there's a problem and only because Bruise decided to take interest in the details rather than just send yet ANOTHER reboot request.

We need this server up tonight. The best option now seems to be that another hard drive be inserted as Master and setup win 2003 server then allow me to manually copy over the data of the website from the current drive placed in the server as Slave.

If this or any other solution was suggested 6 or 7 hours ago I would – as I have in past – be willing to pay the fees involved. However, we have lost FAR more due to this poor communication. I would like to know if is satisfied with how this case has been dealt with and if it's expected that we cover the cost to restore the service??? We cannot host with any company who expects their customers to pay for the negligence of staff.

You prompt response will be greatly appreciated.


Hayden James

Previous email...


I know this cannot be in order with's vision. We've now had to wait over 5 hours for a dedicated server reboot. The last email received from Aplus some 4 hours ago. I've also made several calls today on the same issue each time being told it will be up in five mins.I've attempted to escalate by contacting the Assistant Manager of Sales. He promised to call back in 5 mins with an update. After which, I still had to call 20 mins later. At which point I was offered another telephone to call. After 5 hours it seems I'm to help myself using the same failed methods?

The minimum customer expectation I have is communication. Please reply with any update or please give me a call at XXX XXX XXX. This has been very frustrating.

Looking forward to getting this resolved.

Hayden A. James

Looks like your stuck paying it now and fighting for the next year to get it back. One would figure any decent hosting company would have some sort of monitoring utility on there servers! That is to bad Aplus use to have great customer service. I will make sure never to refer anyone to them now.