I use a laptop( HP pavilion dv 5000 ) and want to start photo editing using adobe photoshop cs2. I have been offered an eizo flexiscan L658 monitor at a stupid price, which would give me superior colour controls and better image resolutions. Can I connect this monitor to my laptop and use the monitor for this and general usage purposes, and what would I need to make this happen. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated as I am not very literate with these things, and cannot seem to get a straight forward answer to this dilema. Keep it very simple please, I am a truck driver not an astronaut.

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Very easy. Plug the video cable from the monitor into the corresponding port on the back of your laptop. Then power on the monitor and laptop. When the laptop is booted into windows and is ready for use, press both the <control> key and the <F7> key at the same time. Doing this will cycle the monitor use from 1) laptop only 2) monitor only 3) both laptop and monitor at the same time. If the <F7> key is not the one, then look up "how to switch monitors" in your book tha came with the laptop. Ifyou don't have a book for it, then goto the manufacturer's website and you can download it. Try this, and repost. I use my laptop all the time to test out monitors after I repair them. Very common, very easy. Good luck and have fun.


Thanks for the answer, done as you suggested and hey presto, my new little eizo monitor sparked into life, I sat back releived and also very impressed with the new toy, may I take this chance to quiz your knowledge again !! The monitor is analogue and digital, but I have no digital out on the side of my laptop, so I am not getting the best from the monitor, is there anyway around this ?

I really thank you for your time, and may I take this chance to wish you a very good new year

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If your laptop on ly has an analog output, then that is what you are stuck with. IF though, you can find a PCMCIA card that has a digital output, then you can go digital. I wouldn't fret it though, an LCD gives great images in analog.

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