Hi Peeps, could sus out where this post could go, so thought i wouls start here :-)

I have a Samsung P29 Laptop, only 2 years old............I have just gone to boot up, it freezes on boot up the starts to beep at me constanly, then I ge a black screen with a blue box asking to enter a password?

now this is somthing i have never experienced with anyy kind of machine.
please could any one help me?

Thanks in advance


Sorry to hear about your dilema. Try a few things:
1. Well...after you get the problem resolved...do a registry repair. Do a scan of viruses and other malwares.
2. Try to boot from CD.
3. Please describe the sequence of the beep, how loud...ect...how rapid is it....
4. Is it overheating by any chance?
5. does it shutdown after it beeps?
6. I do recommend you to read the description of BIOS beep codes you can easily find on the web/laptop manual. Just type "BIOS beep codes" on GOOGLE then browse through the results. That should give you an idea of what is going on.
7. Fan not working properly?
8. Driver corruption