My site some pages crawls but others pages not crawls

so please help me out of this problem

my website url is: http://www.lipsigprice.com

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Build backlinks to your site by blog commenting. this seems to help the site get crawled.

Try to submit your XML. This can also help in crawling and indexing your site.

Connect all the pages with each other internally that will make easy way to go for Google

you would know which pages of your site are not crawled by google by submitting a sitemap to google webmaster tools.:)

Make sure all your web pages have META Keywords and META Descriptions in the Header section of those pages. These help in getting web crawlers to index the pages containing them.

how to make Connect all the pages with each other internally?

Try generating a site map...It will help the bots find your pages...also check your meta tags.

There are many search engine marketing techniques that will need to be followed before all the internal pages on your site will be indexed properly. Getting your internal website pages indexed by Google can be achieved via sitemap submission to Google form their webmaster control panel. Other SEO tips are to ensure good internal linking of your website pages. Try also deep linking form external websites to internal website pages. This wll help for overall ranking of theses pages for your keywords.

Try to submit your site's links to as many directories as you possible can. When you have many back links pointing to your site, search engine crawlers will find your links in those directories and know for sure that your site exists. There are many sites on the Web that have large compilations (lists) of directories. Search and you will sure find. You can as well submit your link to Mexabet Web Directory.

try to deep linking it will be beneficial for ur site

try to deep linking it will be beneficial for ur site

Hi. If you have problems with XML Sitemap use Sitemap Writer Pro
I tried different software for creating the sitemap for my website. This is the most effective one among 5-6 programs I tried.
This powerful webtool generates the sitemap for your website in just seconds. Mayor search engines (Google, Yahoo, Ask, MSN, Moreover) are able to index and read your sitemaps without any problems. It's very easy to use!

Check your Google Webmaster Tool and see what is the error of your site. Make sure you submitted a sitemap with all your pages on it. Link the site to each other. Try to investigate for further results like, maybe it's because of your settings at .htaccess and robots.txt, etc.

Directory Submission

you can search at google to solve the problem.

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