MSN Live search has deindexed some of my pages. Many of them are property pages like

which used to be indexed. I went through the Live Search Guidelines and did not find the answer I was looking for. Do anyone know what would cause MSN Live Search to drop a page from the index and more important, how to get it reindexed and have it stay for good.

Search engines do that quarterly it seems, they clean out old links and cache. It likely just happened due to the changing year and everything re-updated again. I'd suggest updating your pages and adding more content, changing some content, or adding some photos to make them appear more active than they may have when msn cleared them.

I had a quick look. Without any further information I think I can still take a good guess at what the problem is.

Seems to me like you probably have too many similarly appearing web pages whereas the search engine doesn't find the content sufficiently unique one from the other. There's a large percentage (I'd say 97%) of the web page elements that's exactly identical one to the other. Look at it like your web site unknowingly triggers the content duplication sensors.