Quick question - how many new back links per day to do you think is a good rule of thumb - through social bookmarking, forums, etc. ?

3 - 5 / day ?

Look to obtain links naturally. Obtaining links artificially via discussion forum threads, and/or signatures is a waste of time. Whether your getting 3-5 or 100 links per day, the SE's are a lot smarter than they were 2-3 years ago. Forum links hold little to no weight when it comes to SE ranking - so you would most likely be spinning your wheels.

Most social networks nowadays are 'no follow' (at least the good one's are) - so if you are gonna get involved, go into it for the branding, reach, and potential traffic.

You can check the pr of a website by using prchecker.info.

write some articles and submit it to top article sites with a link to u r blog ...it will help you .....and always paste u r link to authority sites .... extesion of .edu or .gov are the best

To find high PR link partners, I often use this tool www.webconfs.com/backlink-builder.php. I also participate in forums and social networking sites. :)

very useful information
thx for sharing with us!

Build high quality content that people want to link to.

Use fast blog finder. You can check PR and dofollow.

Fast Blog Finder is a good software that can help you to find blogs with high PR where you can post your comments, also shows if they are dofollow.

There are some specialized forums, where you can find offers of selling high PR backlinks.

I was under the impression that if you use sites which charge for backlinks Google dosen't count those.

Am I correct ?

Aside from commenting on dofollow blogs, participate also on the following:

article submission
press release
social bookmarking and networking
classified ads

used SEO QUAKE to determine the PR of the blog you are using so you will not waste your time finding blogs that has the highest PR. hope it helps you.

What benefits of do it seo or link building for your'e sites or businnes ???
Thanks for helping me ...


If your website is having PR 3 and above that means now you should put your website on high PR website. Sponsored submissions is the best idea for it......

you have to search on internet different forums that have high pR and post there with your links signature

Well all these methods are useful. According to my mind,
Link Building is useful for getting the Good ranking and traffic. Backlinks play an important role in Search Engine Optimization.

I would recommend installing SEOQuake in your toolbar if you are using Firefox. Use this in combination of Google Advance Search and you'll find all the High PR sites you could ever need.

is there a Software or some website which can show pages with PR if we provide a particular domain name?

For example if I want to know which pages of xyz.com have PR 5, it only shows those pages.

Here many people say that do forum and blog comment but that is not better answer. Do forum with .edu and .gov sites because it is more beneficial for your site and also do blog comment with relevant dofollow sites. It is necessary to do it with authority sites.

Actually there are a lot of methods of techniques to finding high pr web pages and then create or placing your own link that pointing back to your website.
With Google query, you just need to use Google SE then type some query on the search box, you'll see the result. In addition you may need to install SEOquake for more easily check the pr of the web page.

Also using backlink checker to find high pr backlinks, even peek at your competitor where they are placed their backlinks.

Do follow blog commenting is the best high Pr links.I suggest some web2.0 sites too and link wheel.

Great discussion.Yes I'm also using forum or social bookmarking and directories for backlinks.

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Do regular update on social media websites and also use unique content posting (blogs, article, press release) it ll helps your websites Weighting and forum helps you to get more and more back links.

thanks for all of your suggestion.....

The best way to get high PR backlinks is to actually work with people. Meaning that you need to go social. Work on your twitter account and facebook page. Email other bloggers in your niche and ask them to let you have a guest post on their blogs.

And I really can't think of other better ways to achieve high PR links.

Even i do blog commenting to increase the traffic and to stimulate Page Rank. But getting do follow blogs are little tricky. Don't you think so.

It becomes clear from above that forum and comment posting is useful but you can't ignore guest blog posting. It is also very useful to get valuable links from high PR blogs.

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