Has anyone used the SEO Spyglass software?
I'm debating downloading it to check back links and was hoping to hear thoughts and opinions from people who have used it.

Are there any recommendations of other tools or programs out there that you have used and find useful?


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SEO Spyglass is most effective tool for find out the back links the site has and also helpful for selection of appropriate keyword for optimize the site. It also monitor your competitor's page rank. It allows you to see the alexa traffic rank of every back link.

I have personally tried Spyglass and I agree that it's an efficient tool to check out the number of back links of a website. I also find it a useful tool to obtain appropriate keywords needed to optimize a website. Furthermore, it can monitor your competitor's page rank and updates you the Alexa traffic rank for each of your backlinks.

After Yahoo SiteExplorer shutdown (forever) it seems, that SEO Spyglass is not effective any more.
But it seems that SEO Backlink Finder fills the gap now, because they donot rely on Yahoo.

I have never use the seo spyglass. I use the google analytics tool for tracking my site backlinks.

I Didn't used this software. If you want keyword extractor tool then use google adword keyword tool. Its one of the best tool.

thank you very much to share such a nice information

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