On my website, I am using breadcrumb links-


X->Y->P (same P)

The breadcrumbs and other links change depending upon whether a spider visits P from B or Y.

So what is the solution to this?

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Breadcrumb links, also known as contextual links, are a type of navigation aid for Web pages. They provide a textual representation of a site's structure, usually a vertical hierarchy of a site. For example, on ecommerce sites, breadcrumb links often have the following format:

Home > Category > Subcategory > Product

On a larger site, the breadcrumb format might be the following:

Home > Channel Page > Category > Subcategory > Product

On a smaller site, breadcrumb links might have a very simple format:

Home > Category > Product

So your problem is this that you are reaching to the same page through the different way..
there may be two reason behind this

1. your pages are depends on particular search results.
2. there may be some navigation mistake..

But according to me this is not a problem. We are normally use a main page in the different format..

I am sorry, I have not phrased my question correctly.

The thing is that I have two navigational paths to the same page as described in the first post.

So, these two pages will link in a different manner (due to the breadcrumb structure) to the same page.

This will give rise to link churn, so how can I prevent this?

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