In the ongoing effort to gain maximum page rank, analysis of all available information to determine the future steps to be taken. But is anyone analyzing their competitors efforts? Link quantity & quality, anchor text & relevance are the four components of link popularity with anchor text and location are the two biggest factors. Google has acknowledged as much.

Link building campaign professionals state that if your competitors are ranking well on a certain phrase, you should look to the anchor text in their back links and see if the phrase is listed, if the links sitting on topically relevant pages are indexed and are those anchors sitting in content areas.

I will admit that this is a relatively new concept to me and I was wondering if anyone is doing this kind of analysis and if so what kind of results are you seeing.

There are dedicated sites like backlinkwatch to see details of competition's backlinks. However it's getting more and more difficult to find these backlinks because yahoo only shows 1000 links and google doesn't even show that many.

I have used a few tools on Firefox to help me get backlinks and SEO competitive intelligence info. But do keep in mind that I found some of these tools not to be 100% correct.

Firefox has great add on will helpful seo

I was told to look into a product called Advanced Link Manager. Has anyone heard of it or used it? Its my understanding that it does backlink analysis among its many functions. As was said in a previous reply, some of the free tools are not that reliable and I like to use multiple tools for analysis just to verify all results.

Well, even if you do manage to be informed of all the links pointing at your competitor's site, many other elements play roles in determining the rankings of the websites over the net.

For example, the ages of the links and how long ago they have been established plus the TrustRank of the sites.