Last week Microsoft made available for download the latest IIS SEO toolkit Beta, another part of the larger Microsoft Web Platform Strategy. The three components are a Site Analysis Module, Robot Exclusion module and a Sitemaps and Site Indexes module. Microsoft states that the toolkit beta will

1. Improve website traffic volume and quality coming from search engines
2. Provide control on how search engines access and display web content
3. Informs search engines about indexable locations

While the implied value of the toolkit is obvious can anyone provide first hand knowledge of real value achieved. Obviously, with the toolkit only being available for 7 days results may not be available yet but if you could speak of the usability of the toolkit that would be helpful.

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I meant to post this earlier but I read a few days ago that Microsoft put out a PDF with SEO advice for the Bing Search engine. Has anyone seen it and read it. It would be good if we could provide the forum with a quick review of this doc.

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