Gathering a volume of useless links in order to acquire higher PR (especially from directory submissions and link exchanges) attracts very few new qualified Internet visitors...

I don't disagree. The good news is that PR algorithms do seem to value quality links.

I can see both sides of the fence. Links are very good but if you were to rely only on links you probably would get more spiders than humans. SEO should be looser than most people use it. Search Engine Optimization in my opinion is anything that helps out your website. Writing your site to be SEO friendly is good and bad. If you write your site where it is very user friendly to read and also contains great SEO than way to go! If your Website is purely SEO and made so only a search engine picks up the keywords and isn't human friendly than that's not a good approach at all. SEO can be easy and tricky at the same time. Well I should head off to bed. I was at college till 11 PM and than decided to relax by posting here on Daniweb but now I need to recharge so I'll be able to wake up in 6 to 8 hours.

It's not that raising your PR will bring you more traffic but you have to build the backlinks and the traffic so your PR will go up. So really the PR is more of a REFLECTION of your traffic and backlinks. So as everyone has already said, if you just work on building traffic it will eventually go up.

But I don't even worry about it anymore. It bounces up and down all the time. As long as my traffic is going up that's all that matters.

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