Is there any need to buy any seo software for indexing 2nd tier links.

For example: Seo workers build thousands of Wiki links, blog comments, social media shares to 2nd tier links.
Is it necessary to buy softwares and build those thousands link for indexing 2nd tier links

or is there any other methods to do it without any investment.

Well, I don't know actually about it but I think 2 tier linking is something which can hurts you down.So, I wouldn't advise you to move forward with it and also as far as the tool usage is concerned I do wouldn't advise you to do that one too because using tools with the linking can hurt you !

Submit your website link into "add URL to Google"..It helps for easy indexing

Kelly Burby said truly! Use of tools for indexing and ping is kind of black hat and you should avoid these techniques and tools as it can hurt your website traffic. Google strongly prohibited black hat technique.

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