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Can anyone suggest me, how should I get higher traffic on my website designing & Development related website?
I am already working on Directory & Article submissions, Social Bookmarkings and Search Engines Submission.

Do anybody have more useful way to get higher traffic on my website???


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Create something worth visiting.

I think organic traffics is the most stable traffics as it will continue to bring users to our website. Hence, the more your site getting indexed in google, the more traffics you will get.

You will only have to update and improve your site daily and google will do the rest for you...

You must do this consistently ...

there are many ways to increase traffic like affordable advertising, solo ads, traffic exchange, classifieds, banners and social bookmarking to increase traffic. well i am contenting with one services provider since for few months they are just excellent. you may check my signature for that.

Since you're in website designing & Development business try out to create unique presentation or something that can help you boost up traffic through video marketing.

Some say that content is king and you have to create blog for that,..... and create a very unique and informative content that will make a readers will,...promote your blog same as website.Goodluck.

Back links helps gain traffic. In order to get more back links, engaging on the following techniques helps:

- article submissions
- blog commenting
- classified ads
- directory submissions
- forum posting
- link exchange
- press release
- online groups
- social media and networking
- social bookmarking

You can try Post Your ad and links in Free Advertising Forums

There seems to be more and more forums popping up now-a-days for the sole purpose of people posting ads in them.

Although the traffic numbers may not be staggering that you will receive from posting an ad at these places, the time it takes to do so is quite small, and you will get new eyes checking out your page. What we recommend to do, is to go through the main, more popular free advertising forums and take 10-15 minutes to post your ads on them daily.

Not only will these get you free traffic, but also should help slightly with back links and Google PageRank.

Don’t always focus on major keywords, the most important keywords for your industry will be highly competitive and very difficult to rank highly for.

When you start off try to rank for some less competitive keywords and longer phrases.

As you get more comfortable with SEO you can then optimize for some of the more sought after keywords. The current lingo for this type of longer keyword is 'long-tail key phrases'.

Since you're in website designing & Development business try out to create unique presentation or something that can help you boost up traffic through video marketing.


It's really a great idea. Even you can also make power point presentation and upload this PPT to content sharing sites like scribd, docstoc, etc. It is a great way to promote brand awareness.

Social and press release submission is best way

You may consider setting up an affiliate marketing program. You can then hire affiliates to promote your services and products. In doing so, they will direct the traffic from their web pages to your web site.

This way, you will also be able to get in contact with your target clients in a fairly less time. However, you will be required to pay a certain percentage of your profit as commission to your affiliate marketing partners.

Back links helps generate traffic. In order to get more back links then engaging on the techniques such as blog commenting, article and directory submission, classified ads, press release, social bookmarking, online groups and link exchange helps.

As your site is related to web designing ,you will get instant traffic on submission to CSS gallery(directory) if your site link will get accepted.this will bring much traffic as your site will get posted on their first page.
you may also use paid service of ppc campaign and generate traffic to your site as your site will appear on search engine result pages or other relevant site.

Do Link Exchange! more and more as you can!

There are two things to be done; one is onsite optimization and the other is offsite optimization.

Onsite ooptimization - Content is the king. You should always concentrate on contents. The website should be readable and easily navigatable. Content should be updated on a daily basis.

Offsite Optimization - Proper white hat SEO to be done. Article Writing, Blog Creation and Forum Posting could be concentrated.

To analyze the traffic level, you could use Google Analytics. It is quite comprehensive.

You may also use Google Webmasters Tool for reviewing the traffic (and much more) to your site.

Keep in mind dynamic pages may help you keep your visitors comming back fo more!

Engaging on the following helps your site generate more traffic:

article marketing
blog commenting
classified ads
social bookmarking and networking
forum posting
press release


As you all are talking about how to get higher traffic on website? When we are talking about traffic and higher Page Rank then have concentrate on SEO. Means a method which help’s to improve to get higher traffic and Page Rank. There are some steps that we have to follow to get higher traffic:-
• Submit Articles:- Submit your article’s on website related sites
• Specific Directory Submissions
• Link building
• Keywords
• More specific content
• Meta Tags or Meta Description Tag
• Social Media Marketing
These are some steps that you have to follow to get higher traffic and high Page Rank.


keep updating your website, add fresh written material on regular basis

Mind the quality of written material. That is necessary.....!

And you are nearer to your goal.

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