into any search engine and they will reveal their PRIORITIZATION regarding
Link Popularity and Popularity of Links and the importance they place on Keywords in the Hyperlink text

It also points out the flaws in this type of emphasis

compare Google Yahoo ASK Jeeves and MSN SERPs

how many and what percentage of "real estate" - related sites appear in the SERPs

with Google it is basically none,

It also reveal the importance of TITLE keyword - emphais -
again notice which SERPs show listings with HOME in the Title and in the Body TEXT

Also it reveals how much emphasis is NOT placed on INTERNAL linking in a Web site that uses the term


Welcome your observations :idea:

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Sorry, I'm a little confused. I typed HOME into Google. What am I supposed to see? Very surprised how Microsoft ranks so high for Home. Also Lycos? Netscape? Java? That's ridiculous ... the word isn't anywhere! I guess I figured out what I'm supposed to see.

Funny thing. Semi related to this. If you type in the keywords I set my site up for, I don't show up on Google, but daniweb does. Google rates daniweb higher than my site due to links. So type in "dance teacher country raleigh nc" and you will see that the 6th result is me posting on daniweb lol.

I just did the search and daniweb is ranking #2 and #3 for me!

Link Popularity and Popularity of Links is now heavily influenced by the Keywords in the Linked Text

While Links will get you pagerank - it is now the text that is factored into WHAT keyword SERPs a site will appear in

This experiment is a way to decipher how heavily each Search Engine factors that standard

a) Home = a dwelling
b) Home = the main page of a site

In my opinion this explains why you get a mix of sites related to a and b on the serps. Microsoft, Ebay, etc. all come up on page 1. Just imagine how many times the word home appears in the body of these sites particularly in the anchor text of the internal navigation.

daniweb is so good its #1 for my sites name, i knew i should not have put my site in the thread's title>_>

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