Because people are becoming more and more independent on SE to buy, to make a decision, to get info!

There is huge market here!

There are many websites on internet.
People search for them solution and they get many websites in results now they check only those websites which come on top pages in search engine.
SEO is recommend for getting top position on search engine.

SEO is most important for our bussiness or website promotion.
Without SEO to reach our online bussiness goal is impossible.
If we doing SEO on our site, we receive good traffic.

It helps to bring u up in the rankings of the serp for certain kw. It means, the targeted consumers come to u!!

Thanks to all for taking out your time and having this discussion

With SEO, it helps you get more traffic. SEO is a process of improving the volume and quality of traffic of a website on search engines via organic or natural search results.

Hi, Thanks for all your response. This is really a good information about SEO.

What is SEO? Why is it so popular? Can my website benefit from SEO Process?

start seo work with your full effort on your site, do all seo strategy, you will see yourself the benefit to your business applying seo.

Lot of blogger became successful by using SEO techniques .because it’s a low budget Internet marketing .and then some experts to divided into two ways, On page optimization and Off page optimization.

seo is use for visibility on google and it is the perfect way to rank your site ... it is the main part of the internet marketing ..

Nice sharing, Very informative

SEO is the process of optimizing your website so that it looks search engine friendly, and gets good traffic. SEO is popular as with it, the site will be displayed in top search engine results. Thus high traffic to the site, and greater return of investment. If you know SEO, you can do it for free for your website.

If you have business and wants have sales SEO would be perfect. Your website will not only be known just in one area but worldwide.

SEO is one of online marketing which is working so much. Websites which are on top of Google can get a lot of traffic and lead to their sales.

SEO delivers a good ROI. When you do optimize a website, the search engine scours the web and brings back what it determines is relevant, content rich, websites. Most of the time, search engines brings back something you can use. It has a massive database of sites, so it gives you a lot of sites to choose from, and does it extremely fast.

SEO is related to search engine optimization. It deals with increasing your website PR with respect to SERPS. SEO is promoting your website.

In my opinion, i think SEO is very important today, because there are so many websites, many things in the Internet and Google - which are important parts of our life. People often search what they want in search engines like Yahoo or Google, so we do SEO to help them find out what they want usefully, exactly, and quickly

Seo Play important role for any website . If You optimize any site , then it may growth your bussness

All the efforts in SEO depend on the way you are able to locate keywords.

Search Engine Optimization is important because haveing this feature makes you more discoverable in search engines like google and yahoo. Think of it this way...if you have a business card and drop it in the middle of a busy intersection, the liklihood of someone actually seein it is very low. SEO provides a way for it to be seen amidst the thousands of results that turn up during a search. Hope this answer helps!

If you use Google (come on admit it) ? You have used ... Google,right ?
If not,,, now would be a great time to. Type into the window SEO ...

I believe it will help you on your way. Also look for the wikipeadia site.
BTW. Google rocks and cheers to all who contribute

Ranking as well as Traffic is the main importance of SEO.

SEO does everything to make your site rank at the top in every search engine. it includes bookmarking, article submission, directly submission, keyword tracking etc.

We can get anything from search engines with SEO and SEO is most importance for online business.

Yes and good ranking and more traffic means that you have got high chances to get your business grow.

Seo Is the key of a sucessful site. by seo you can increse your online business so seo is so popular

All forum member explain the seo very rightly. I think all peoples know about internet marketing so i think best way to get and generate business through website is search engines. Peoples search for different services on search engine to get the best idea. By doing SEO you can be there and search engine choice.

Seo is absolutely necessary for you to get more business, Once you are not indexed in search engines and if you are not anywhere to be seen ,that ends it there.

We do SEO for improve my business through internet because now a days mostly people search information through internet so it is necessary to promote our business on internet.

SEO is so popular because it increase traffic and business to your site and help you to earn more and more :)

Hi all, SEO Off page services it's very easy to learn anyone in 3 months that why?

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