Very timely comments and giving some true info on seo signature. Thank you so much ill check it often for more answers.

I am quote agree with you guys... Getting Back links from forum signature is a important part of SEO... It is very easy and simple to use forum signature... It helps a lot in building traffic as well as in getting high page rank....

I think signature from forum and blog are still a good technique of white hat SEO.

It is really important to get the backlink and it will be done from the signature link. Once clicked on the signature and it will be generated as the backlink and maximum back link can increase the traffic for the site.

Not all signatures should be aimed as a backlink. You can use some reputed forum sites to get some quality traffic.

Basically forum signature is used for good back links and good traffic. It always works for me.

as i think you are right signature is mainly used for more traffic and to make other person understand that u can get more knowledge from here. or we can say this is the source of knowledge. so in my point of view this is very necessary.

I have something new to contribute to this thread; SEO manipulation is possible via forum signatures, and tens of posters have taken advantage of this to defame me and my company.

commented: you were wring, you have NOTHING to add to this thread, based upon that post -3

Main thing in forum posting is signatures, because Google count backlink from signature.

What if they posted thousands of the same hyperlink by hiding one under each letter in their innocuous-looking signature? That's a dishonest way to get backlinks.

In my case, they created threads with my name and some form of controversy in the title, and then linked to it. In a matter of weeks, that thread sat at the top of the Google results for every variation of my name. Seems like an abuse of an SEO loophole, if you ask me.

Also a clever way to harass someone with little effort; every time someone posts, I am demeaned.

I see links on sig here is not or not much passing PR value but sigs here is a big help to index that site. Google loves new and fresh contents which this forum has plus it is highly indexed so our links here get some help to be indexed faster too.

Forum Signature is helpful our website because we get backlink for this.....

You raised interesting points,Personally I don't think they have much value (I believe that 100 links from a site is not much more use than 5 links from the same site) but I do believe they have some value.But getting back links from signatures always working for me.thanks

I certainly can not argue with that. My only concern is that the forums in the bad neighborhoods of the internet are getting a free pass to a high ranking on Google through dishonest means. The one I've had experience with even went to the effort of placing a "no follow" attribute on their profiles and made the source code URL impossible to link to so that people couldn't see the thousands of links, only the result, which is the thread showing up in the SERPS. Google is not punishing this bully-like behavior, but hopefully they will. It is good that your signatures on this particular forum are able to help you with your presence on Google, however.

Forums signatures are strong backlinks and will only get strong as the site grows. I'd say there one of the most popular of all the linking options.

Wish I'd known that a few months ago. I guess the question I have for you is how to make it clear that someone did this without highlighting the content of the links I don't want to publicize. That stuff should not be appearing under my name. My screen name, yes, because I engaged them...But not my real name. Those are two different worlds and one of them is fictional.

Forum signature is very useful for creating back links. Forum signatures have long been believed to have some value with regard to SEO and targetted anchor text. The more back links you create, the more your visitors of your site.

HI think you can to get top position by forum posting only. Forum posting is one of the method to get top ranking. Only continues promotion which includes articles, directory, bookmarking, forums, blog commenting etc can give you better position.

Definitely they doesn't harm, in fact a good source for traffic or quality backlinks.

They harm you if someone creates a thread that casts you in a bad light and then everyone links to it!

forum are the best way to getting high rank on your keywords.

Forum Signatures are very good for getting the back links.In the forum replies you answer the questions and the visitors can determine your knowledge by your posts directly.So they can come to you if your posts are really good.and forum Back links are useful for getting the traffic and the good ranking of the keywords also.

Forum backlinks would be useful only if it is coming from do follow forum. so make sure that are you using such forums.

Well the signature links may provide some benefit in that they carry with them a bit of link juice. But more than that, they can also help lead forum readers to a target site directly. Now that's as good as added traffic to the site, isn't it?

Major Search engines, consider the signature link in forums as good backlink when its dofollow. If you get this links from reputed forums then its more valuable. So tts always good to have some links back to your site in forum signature.

I think I'm the only one here who feels like forum signatures have almost no weight at all anymore. However, I do think multiple links from the same domain are more valuable than just one link from that domain. I just think that Google got good at figuring out what constitutes a forum signature, and devaluing it.

Okay, none of you are understanding.

a BAD, NEGATIVE, MEAN forum made things up about me and then linked to it so that it would rise to the top of my search results. Is there any way to combat that? Because I'm being defamed and no one will help me. I mean, literally... No one will help.

forum signatures are good option for getting backlinks

They're also a bad way of getting backlinks. Just wanted to spread the awareness... I think using forum signatures to harass people is going to become the next method of cyber-bullying. You can do a LOT of damage to someone's professional presence on Google if you know what you're doing.

Okay, none of you are understanding.

a BAD, NEGATIVE, MEAN forum made things up about me and then linked to it so that it would rise to the top of my search results. Is there any way to combat that? Because I'm being defamed and no one will help me. I mean, literally... No one will help.

Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, it's out of your control because neither the nasty comments nor links to nasty comments are on a website you have control over. You can try to sue the forum (or at least a strongly worded cease and desist letter), but I highly doubt that would get you anywhere at all. Good luck.

I always disregard forum signatures as a way to increase rankings. I may have to go back and double check it. I am assuming the forum you use is has follow attributes to your links?

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