It does have follow attributes, yes. Sorry if I seem cranky, it's just not nice to mess with someone's ability to get a job and I have health problems on top of everything else.

Thank you to everyone who helped.

Signatures in forums gives good backlinks to website

Hey I though that this is a do-follow forum. Anyways, I strongly believe that forum signature helps improving targeted keyword and page ranking as well as increasing site's traffic.

hey guys do you have some instant signature approval forum sites than keep sharing. :)

By giving the signature in the forum posting we are getting the back links that are the main requirement for the good ranking of the keywords and the traffic for the website.So main benefit of signature in forum postings is traffic and the good SERP ranking.

Most links are good links except ones that are in link farms, but I also don't believe that multiple links from one site give extra link juice.

There great for getting backlinks but its not about the amount of links per domain its the amount of different domains. If googles see's 1000 backlinks from a pr2 its not going to be worth much, you would be better off have 200 domains and 5 links on each.

Relevant forums signature are the best way to getting back links whether its dofollow or nofollow.

Forum signature is used to get back-link and traffic to your website, and you can get many real visitors.

I think forom signature is not so much important. Important is your comment which you had made on a forum. this comment should be useful for reader and must have some knowledge or unique information.

commented: oh the irnoy that you say that and then dump a signature link in your post - now deleted -2
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