I want to know which are the best and effective ways to bring your website atleast top 30 results in Search Engine.

Which are the most effective strategies to to do in just 3 months?

Waiting for replies.:(

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Indeed, if you have something worth in your website you will definitely rank not in 30 but top 10 results very soon. If you go for SEO you still have to wait few months to get top 30.


your goals seems to very much achievable.

I guess a normal article marketing, video marketing, bookmarking, RSS feed will take you to TOP 30 even in one month.


Well-done on-page SEO plus enough backlinks with your keywords in the anchor text would help you achieve this purpose. :)


Target keywords with less competition and good traffic its the most easy way to crawl in google search.


1. article submission
2. forum posting
3. press release submission
4. blogging and blog commenting
5. directory submission
6. link exchange

That's all I do!

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