I want to know how to check cache date of my website/ blogs in google, bing and yahoo. When I click on cache snapshot in google listing then it is saying that you are sending an automated query.
Can anybody tell me any tools to check cache in google, bing & yahoo??

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U can check it by google toolbar

well i know for google, and for this u just need to download google tool bar

If the search engine is telling you that you are sending an automated query, then theoctically you are then presenting an automated query. Consider sending it something more generitic. Becoming innovative is requested.

I would use the following operator on search field:

This will result in a snapshot of what the domain.com looked like when the site was crawled last along with the last crawl/cache date.

Hope this helps.
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If you need more help, simply search for Google Search Operators on Google.com

Good Luck.

In my own experiences, the most straight way would to have webmaster accounts with all 3 top engines and you would get more accurate data for cached. :)

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you can use google tool bar, it will help you out.

Download Google toolbar & goto your address-bar type url....
click on pageRank drop-down button then click on cached snapshot of page .
Thank You.


Hello !

In Google toolbar there is shown only last date of Cached. Is there any way from which i can check last 5-6 dates when my site get cached?

You can check it on SeoQuake toolbar and webmaster tools.

With the help of google toolbar you can do it.

you can use cache operator as mentioned above but when you check again & again in google toolbar then it would consider you spam and showing message of automated query.

Do a Google search for cache:www.domain.com/page.html

Edit: Oops, didn't realize this was page two of the thread, and the answer was already given.

You can check cache date by type info:website URL in goggle.com.

simple enter your website on goggle. go page rank and get a cached snapshot option. you can get the latest cave of your website.

Through Google Toolbar and another method is type in google -cache:domain name

I agree with them... You can check it through Google Toolbar or install a SEOpen Toolbar. But if you prefer it doing in manual, you can just put: "cache:yourwebsite " simple as that.

you can check manually
go to google.com and type

cache:domain name



you can ckeck type in google "cache:your site name" and you will show that your site is showing cache if it is..

Cache day can check it by google toolbar.

hi friends, Simpley open Google search engine. type this "" Cache: Domain Link "" and you get your rcache date and other information of website.

After searching on google just go to the cached option then you will get all site info of site cache

If yopu want to chack , first delet the coockies , and then try it , you will get the your desired information in the same way as before are getting it

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