SEO organic methods take more work from the individual, but is a safer and, in the end, more effective way to optimize a web site for search engines. In a way, Organic SEO helps to keep Internet “pollution” to a minimum, so you’re also helping the virtual environment! In the following paragraphs, you’ll find a few easy ways to use this type of search engine optimization.

You’re no doubt familiar with the basic concepts of search engine optimization, but are you familiar with SEO organic methods? While search engine optimization is a very important aspect to any online business’ marketing plan, it’s become increasingly standardized and mechanized. Many SEO services and applications simply use the same basic plan to enhance a web site’s search engine rankings.

This has led to a lot of marketers using nasty search engine optimization methods to get results. These types of methods can be great for generating traffic, but in the end they make the Internet an uglier place. These methods, known as “Black Hat” SEO methods, are just a bad idea. Not only do they frustrate potential users of your web site, they may not even work forever…

You see, Google and other search engines are constantly looking for ways to defeat Black Hat SEO techniques. If their efforts are successful – and really it’s just a matter of time before they are – your time and money may be wasted. Why spend money on search engine optimization that could be useless in just a few months? Worse yet, search engines aren’t just knocking these sorts of sites down in rank; they’re totally removing them from search results.

Some of these Black Hat methods include using cheap labor or robots to perform a number of tasks. For instance, sometimes these services will sign up to tons of forums and or social networking sites and simply spam the link to a site everywhere possible. This is a definite annoyance for many webmasters, who end up with sites cluttered in meaningless links.

Link farms are another common type of Black Hat SEO. These sites are knockoffs are legit online directories, and are packed with links, many of which lead to very poor web sites. Some of them just link back and forth between each other and the link site, causing users to get lost in a sea of useless information. SEO organic techniques can be a great alternative to some of these Black Hat search engine optimization plans.

The main thing that people associate with web sites is their domain names. Domain names that feature the keywords that your website is targeting are a great start to organic SEO. Another, related, search engine optimization idea is to customize your web site’s title the same way: feature the keywords that your site targets. Both of these elements are factors that search engines use to rank a site.

There are many more ways to optimize a site with an SEO organic plan, but these tips will get you started.

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In my experience Organic Techniques definately work but take time, to speed up the process I would do both Organic and pay-per-click strategies. But if the budget is tied your goal is to have your domain name appear on all possible different social sites, forums and bloggs.
One more effective site I found which worked for my business is

Try it out... once you set it up it just working for you

Thanks you for your nice information.
I would like to recommend a article from seomoz titled "search engine ranking factors" for organic purposes. :)

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You have pointed out very best. Yes search engine optimization is a very important aspect to any website's marketing plan. Problem is many SEO services use the same basic plan to enhance a web site’s search engine rankings & black hat techniques. However good white techniques are best at all times to get trageted traffic from search engines !!

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