hello all

How can i improver of my site with help of back links ?

There is a wealth of backlink recommendations on this site - especially from users like Canada Fred, Mackone, and Marketing Rob to name a few. I

The more backlinks you have the better your pr will be but it depends on the quality of your backlinks. Backlinks from high pr website will generally give you a more quality backlinks. You can read more about pr at wikipedia if you wish to as there are nice explanation on how pr works.

check related websites and get back links from them. You would get better rank with sites related to your website.

Mybe you must use SEO techniques...
On Page Optimization : improce and modifying keyword in url, title, content, and tag words...

Off Page Optimization : promote in social bookmarking, forum, post article in article sumbission directory, and you can backlink with submit article in own blog ....

Thanks and hope helpful

PR is rather useless by itself, but nonetheless, if you want to increase it, get backlinks from high PR sites related to your own website. I'm an avid fan of placing my signature in any forum related to my website and then answering questions. It keeps the dullness fo SEO work down while accomplishing your goals.

Most importantly with Google, becareful where you park (where your link parks) because it ultimately affects your SERP.

Also if you build a whole bunch of links at once, you risk the links being marked as spam by the search engines.