I am using seochat.com for this purpose. Can anyone tell me other good tool?????????

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I don't know about seochat.com. The keyword density tool checking is available with Web Ceo. You could try that. Free version is available.

Also ascertain whether Keyword Density has any prominence now for Google.


Aaron Wall has a free keyword density analyzer that you can use.

Try this keyword density analyser, specially written for checking content before it is posted:


You can used google keyword tools to choose a relevant keyword....
Thanks and hope can help

I use seoquake add-on for Firefox. It does have a nice feature for this purpose. :)

Happy new year,

I have some tools like gorank.com I don't if it is active today.

SEO Chat is good for this purpose :)

google keyword tools is best for this purpose, here i first time know about seo chat i will try it.

It all depends on whether you or not you need to check the keyword density for unpublished content.

IMO keyword density is irrelevant. I've tracked competitors who rank better than I do for certain keywords and I've seen density all over the map. I wouldn't waste your time worrying about it.

I used www.ranks.nl but it has turned paid. Does anyone know any tool that counts density for offline site?

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