seo is best, try it and for the information about them see google

You should try freelancing on any freelance website. I have been earning as web researcher from oDesk. So far, I am satisfied.


You can earn in that specific area where you have experties , doing online job work then get money in the return of that

I am also looking for projects of SEO on freelancer but still I am striving there

To earn money online, you could compose a blog then monetize it using adsense or you can register to this link.
It won't promise you to get rich in one night but I'm sure you could earn a decent job.
Visiting Websites, Taking Surveys, Completing Offers, CompletingTasks, Playing ClixGrid, Contests, Shopping Online And the last is Referring Others - this is where the biggest earning will come from.

Did you tried ?

If not try that.. that is a freelancer paradise.

please help me . i can"t any freinds help me.. please

There are many opportunities but its not easy to earn. You need time and effort.

For the beginner i would suggest to go fiverr and other gigs site from that you will earn some money definetly.

If you have any quality websites,please apply to google adsense.