I am doing seo of my site. there are backlinks is one part of that.

so can i put links which my advertising showing in classifieds website.

for example i posted my ad in olx.
there are one link of my advertising.
now can i use this link in backlinks.

i m waiting of u all experts


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Yes it will become your backlinks..

Actually much better if you can have a dofollow classifieds that accept href to serve as your backlinks.

i agree

These types of linking strategies are for SEO weenies. It's best not to force feed backlinking production and focus on creating a high quality user experience offering potential visitors important, unique content. Forget about manipulating the off-site ranking factors, do something different than the rest, get noticed for your creation and not for your illusion of having a worthy creation.

mokmok69 is right dofollow are better.

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