Hi there,

I have a social networking website and I have put some graphic comments and text links on myspace in my friends comment sections but they are not appearing as backlinks whenever i have looked for them and I just wanted to know why?

I also created a facebook profile too for my website and again it is not appearing as a backlink.

Any help with this will be gratefully received.

Many thanks.

Myspace and facebook redirect you - click on a link on myspace and you get the page saying you are now leaving myspace right? That is a redirect and means links out of myspace etc are not picked up as backlinks. So its good if you get traffic, but for SEO backlinking its utterly futile.

Check my signature for a way to build proper backlinks with lots of free info in our knowledgebase for our members.

Thanks thefandango,

Your advice has helped me so much! I always wondered about that and now i know.

And yes i will definitely check your signature for a proper way to build back links.

Thanks again for all your help it is very much appreciate.