how much important is the role of anchor text of links in SEO?
i heard from of my friends it have position 2-3 .is it right?
is it different for any SE?

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Anchor text for selected keywords in your content is good enough for optimization!! make it strong ll have much better crawling ability..

Anchor links are important elements of a webpage. The main function of links is for navigation. It is easier to navigate from one webpage to another with the use of anchor links.

If there were no links, then you have to type or copy-paste the URL or web address of a certain page to the address bar of your browser (which is very time-consuming).

Search engines take backlinks as votes for your sites. While the anchor text might be looked as the content of such votes. Really essential for SERP. :)

When it comes to anchor text, the main purpose should be to make proper use of anchor text as that can show the relevancy of the page that particular keywords represents.

If you want to work on a particular keyword to appear in Google's rankings, then you need to put it in the anchor text and build backlink for that.

backlinks are build easily using anchor text

If you want to work on a particular keyword for optimization, it is important to have anchor text.

its very important

for seo

hey every one good discussion here

I gave up on anchor text and just hyperlink our company name - its a safe way to go and we actually moved up to third spot (from fourth).

yes, it is very important. If you are doing link building then it creates back link for a particular keyword and if you are using on your own website content that means more relevant pages of your website with a particular keyword.

I gave up on anchor text and just hyperlink our company name - its a safe way to go and we actually moved up to third spot (from fourth).

excuse me i don't get your meaning, hyperlinking your company name is anchor text too,your company name is the anchor text in the hyperlink.
would you describe your meaning more?

Anchor text is very important in ranking. The keywords you are targeting for your website, should come in anchor text. It tells to the search engines what URL is to be linked to which keyword.

On this forum we all know the importance of having nice keyword-stuffed anchors. However, it seems like some of the links I got recently don't use any anchor texts or use the generic "click here" anchor. It is quite frustrating from SEO's point of view. (I know, I know content is king and I should think about the users and not the search engines but if my site is not found ...)

Anchor texteual links are as good as any other link. Their effectiveness can be improved with the use of relevant linking structures (ie:keywords in anchors).

IE: I have a web page based entirely on expert search engine optimisation, I can do well with backlinks offering me as Internet marketing services.

Think. Be creative. Be innovative.

anchor text is important if your targeting a keyword. it is also every useful in forum signatures if you make it something interesting or catchy to the eye or the user.

It is the visible hyperlinked text. It is useful in SEO if you are targeting specific keyword, and it can increase back links of your web site.

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