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Does anyone know or have any experience with Google Sites in Googles searches? Do their spiders like when their name is in the domain?

Not necessarily. Google likes it when sites comply with universally accepted web standards and provide content that visitors find useful. The name within the domain has little to no importance.


That is exactly the point. Domains have got nothing to do with the websites rankings or traffic stats. When a site is getting updated with informative fresh articles and has a lot of links, Google will give it top ranks.


Google tends to favour Google Pages and websites using Google Checkout as their links are better indexed.


no otherwise eveyone is going to start sites staring from google may be daniwb to googledaniweb lol.........;)


When a site is getting updated with new informative articles and has a lot of links then google will definately ranks it.


Not necessary, but it helps to improve your keywords density..
If your site is design for specific keywords then I would like to prefer keywords specific domain..

"I have seen Yahoo shows keywords specific domain on top..."


good article, I always wondered if the name google attracted the spiders to your site more frequently.

If you gave an actual google blog, would that index better than wordpress? Has anyone tested that yet?

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