Hi all,
I have a 6 year old travel website lakegarda.biz which is on the 1st page of google with keyword "lake garda italy" but nowhere to be seen with " lake garda" It used to be on the 1st page for over a year with the keyword "lake Garda" but dissapeared and since then only returns for a day or 2 before dissapearing again for months... I have paid seo compnies but they just took my money and dissapeared like the key word " lake garda" If there is someone out there that can help I would really appreciate some advice?


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Tell me how can I support you in getting SERP..

Let me begin by asking you a question: What did you change? When did you first notice the difference? Can you attribute it to something you did or stopped doing?

Hi and thanks for your reply, regarding the website , I didn't change anything. I just noticed that my PR4 went to PR0 and keyword "lake garda" was no longer to be found. Then my PR returned to 4 but i my serps never recovered. I have tried everything to try and get back on the 1st few pages with google but nothing, the strange thing is i'm 1st on google with "lake garda italy" \do you have any idea's?

Kind regards

Google is continually updating its search results, so a shift in placement is a rather normal occurance. If you did not change anything, then it is pretty tough to pinpoint exactly what caused the shift. It could be that Google suddenly devalued some of the inbound links pointing to your site. In other words.. you may have gotten lumped in with a "bad neighborhood." Maybe check the sites that link to you? See if they are still "ranked."

Alternatively (and most likely), it could be that Google just tweaked it's algorithm - slightly changing the way it ranks sites in their SERPs. Not too long ago there was a Google SERP update that gives preference to "white label" or "name brand" sites such as Expedia, Travelocity, or TripAdvisor. So if you are in the travel industry (for example) and you would notice that suddenly, these "big boys" are outranking you and pushed you further down in the SERPs.

The bottom line is that Google currently views other sites as "more relevant" for that particular query. So... back to the SEO drawing board. Focus on your website's content. Maybe add more? Get it up-to-date? Could your internal link structure be better? Maybe optimize title, meta, alt tags?

There's a silver lining to all this though... While you might get more exposure and traffic with a page one result for "lake garda," the search query "lake garda italy" is actually more specific and can bring you more relevant traffic. This would also hold true for "lake garda travel guide" or "lake garda hotels," so depending on your business model, it might be more beneficial to focus on optimizing for the long-tail queries.

Best of luck! Let us know how it works out..

Hi...I have paid seo...I would really appreciate some advice?

You're not in bad shape.

I'd get your webmaster to remove that hidden link pretending to be part of the caption for the first image of the water. Either underline it like the rest of the links or remove the anchor. I know that it goes to a "special" web page but is deceptive, to the SE too. Keep things consistent.

Use a couple of Heading Tags!! Get the keyphrase in there naturally.

I examined some of the 36 pages Google offers of your site and your incoming links. Why keep your link partners? They aren't even coming close to helping you as much as you are helping them and they're 10:1 (you offer ten links to one coming back). Get rid of your "Travel Resources" completely and stand on your own two feet.

Consider relocating to a dot it or de or com or net or whatever just get away from the dot biz business. In your case, a regional TLC (extension) is advisable for better SERP performance.

The content is good, fairly intelligently written. It would be nice to use emphasizing tags once in a while.

You could rename your-images-better.gif and work the alt attributes.

The code is incredibly sloppy, I'd take the time to clean it up, tighten it up too, conserve byte real estate.

Can u tell me what u want about serp

lake garda keyword is used in title and density is also good but not in ranking. Problem noted is that in backlinks it is not used as anchor text so for better ranking used lake garda as anchor text and also used in heading tags.

Why don't you take a look at google webmaster tools !Specially check there for any crawl errors.Crawl errors normally ruins SERP.

Create more and more one way links with anchor your targeted keyword for maintain the rankings in top result pages of search engine.

I think , you have approached some unqualified companies for your SEO service. Be careful in selecting SEO companies , try to look at their past work report.

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