Hey Everbody,

Iam quite new to web development. I have this issue to design a search engine and I cant figure out where to start from.Following is the problem statement

1.Users access our website and send a request. For each request, . In response to each query, the 3rd party system multiple results and store results in a repository on their side. Our system needs to retrieve those results and display them to the individual users that requested them. Our system is built on a Microsoft .NET / SQL Server platform

2.Multiple results can exist and some results might take minutes. We dont want the user to be waiting all this time and we want the results to be retrieved and displayed within seconds of them being available in the repository.

3.communication interface in whatever manner you request and build the necessary business logic on their side accordingly. We design protocol based on our specs: like cost, reliability, speed

Any help will be appreciated.

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Any help will be appreciated.

Although I could not make much sense out of the last couple of comments (or how it all apllied), I'm still inclined to suggest you consider going with a third party search provider.

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Dude, by the time you figure that out the game is over. I would suggest that you try applying jobs with any of the Search Engine companies and learn from the basics once you starting working in these companies.

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