ya backlinkwatch and webmaster both are the best tools for check backlinks .. for more traffic i think you have to use social networking .. this is effective ..

You can increase your site back links by writing articles using specifically targeted keywords and link exchange may be effective for increase back links.

I agree with Marck. I also say that there are times when you write have such great content that others will blog about it. I have seen this happened to friends. For example, one of my friend's blog content was plugged by Perez Hilton (did not even know him) and sure enough this created lots of traffic and higher PageRank.

great information. Thanks for sharing

In my opinion you'll go back to square one, re-analyze your pages and do some on-page optimization and revised content.

You submit your site into good pr webdirectory and increase your backlinks using forums/blogs and article posting.

Is better to review them in the google webmaster center.

Coming from a company that provides SEO services?

Ok, but you know what he does have a valid question that was not answered. What backlinks are first counted by Google and then later on removed? Sounds to me if you are going to spend time and money on backlinking, you might as well go for sites that have a more or less permanent standing with Google, right?

Before some times ago Google shows 935 backlinks but now a days shows 681 for my site..

Kindly suggest me what can I do to improve the backlinks or any tools to check which backlinks are removed from Google....

Submit your website into google webmaster tools. In that you may find your backlinks and why your site backlinks goes down?

Publish article, post site review in community forums and and double seo work.

Use a social media Bookmark & social Network on your web page

I'm not very savvy when it comes to social networking or SEO. We operate a 501c3 Nonprofit referral website to help small businesses. Our service is important and we're good at what we do, but we lack knowledge in Internet Marketing etc. What I hope to do is "PARTNER" with an expert in either of these fields (SEO or Social Networking). This SEO or social networking "GURU" (or expert) will use their knowledge to help drive traffic to my site and it will be on a revenue-share arrangement. Is this possible? thebaerproject org

you can do the following steps.
1. Directory Submission
2. Article submission
3. Social bookmaking
4. Forum posting
5. Blog Creations
6. Blog Posting
7. Press Release submission
8. RSS Feed Directory submission
9. Local Classifieds Add
10. Global Classifieds Add

Following steps for way of increase back links,
1. Testimonial commenting
2. Do follow forum posting
3. Do follow blog commenting
4. Blog creation for our site
5. Yellow pages
6. Press release submission

You can do
1.social bookmarking
2.articles submission
3.forum discussions
to improve backlinks...!!

try to get links from high pr website as there will be more possibility that your backlinks will have more exposure..In this case guest blogging can help you a lot.

You will try to make more to more quality dofollow back links so that they are not format.

Google than any other search engines such as Yahoo and MSN for the site at least shows the number of backlinks. So to improve or increase the number of links in Google, you are getting high quality links from relevant sites have focused on. An incoming link anchor text plays an important role in term of Google rankings as well as to consider it as a backlink by Google. To your anchor text pointing to your website, be sure to add your main keywords. More than one way links as much as possible try to get a little patience and wait for the next Google backlink update and you will get more backlinks.

firstly you should know where fault has been occurred.why back links decreases. update your website regularly, put unique contents, then build backlinks.

In my openion,

*Article submission
*Forum posting
*Blog commending
*Social bookmarking
*Directory submission
*Press release

these techniques are really helps to get quality back links...

The main point to check how your fellow competitors are doing. Do surgery to your site, spend some time checking them each link to learn. Then a similar plan and the forex and in no time will get oneway link quality PR site ..

Want to promote something, do you have something new? Promote it on 21Articles.com.Submit your high-quality #articles to reach masses and gain better credibility and #high #traffic to your website.

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