My website is only 3 years old, I have submitted the sitemap and followed everything for webmaster tools. My website comes in first page for yahoo, but it is no where listed in google. When I see the top search queries, it does not show my keywords at all! If I add the website name along with the keyword, then my website is listed in Google. Without the website name, my website is not listed even in the last page. What could be the reason?

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First you need to check the keyword, how much competitive it is and also check how you're using your keyword from both on page and off page perspective. If the keyword is very competitive then chances are less to get high rank for that immediately. You need to work hard and keep patience.

continue building links, it will take 3 months or so before seeing the result

Go to Wikipedia and read up on Search Engine Optimization.

use the keyword in your backlinks' anchor text. this can really help.

Use your keyword as anchor text and build some backlinks. Your keyword will get focused.

Make sure your site does not have any broken links/pages.

ya use your website links on the keywords they will really helpful try it ..

Yes, is 100% need more work in backlinks.

I think you might need a systemic SEO on your site. It would usually include many on-page and off-page factors. The most important factors would the title tags for your pages and backlinks with your targeted keywords as anchor text. For a full list of these factors, I would like to recommend you to read "search engine ranking factors" from

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I think Fred and AirForce have provided the most sensible recommendations. Submitting a sitemap and following some simple rules in Webmaster tools is not going to do all of the work. It sounds to me like you have a much more complex situation. You need to have unique content and optimize your site with both On-Page and Off-Page SEO tactics. You should read about these techniques both in wikepedia as Fred said or seomoz, which is one of the most complete SEO blogs around; you can even subscribe to it.

If you find that implementing SEO factors on your site seems too difficult for you to handle yourself then you may need to hire an expert.

Without the website name, my website is not listed even in the last page. What could be the reason? first of all check if your pages are indexed in google, if not do the sitemap first

work to create backlinks on your keywords.

its all depend on competition against your keyword. could you please mentioned your site & respective keyword? do you worry about indexing or SERP???

work to create backlinks on your keywords.

back links could not help in SERP. they are good for PR

You may need to re-evaluate your on page and off page SEO efforts to make sure that non is in violation with Goolge's guidelines. You can re-phrase and shorten your title to insure that it all complies with Google set guidelines. Since your since has been around for three years, the problem could be minor issues such as duplicate content, keyword, title or META description issues. You can also add more quality back links so that the search engine could see your site in a different fashion.

If the keyword is very competitive then chances are less to get high rank for that immediately.


Consider the following points:

1 - Improve Internal Linking
2 - Take a Quality backlinks
3 - Do the search engines submission
4 - Blog Commenting for perticular keywords

Your site is probably lacking some links. In some cases and based on the business niches selected, a few links could be enough while at other times even hundreds of links might not be enough. You are recommended to check out the status of your colleagues to notice how they are doing.

You haven't mention about your promotional activity for the website. Are you doing SEO for it? Check out first that your targeted keywords are searchable in Google. Three years are enough time to get results in Google top results for any website.

Make sure your site does not have any broken links/pages.

i make sure no any broken links/pages on my site

Firstly I would recommend you carryout a key word density check on your website so that you can see how optimised your site is for your chosen keywords. Type keyword density checker in to google and it will provide you with some free tools.

Check to see if your page title is optimised along with meta description, keywords etc and of course the contents of your site.

Write some good articles on your sites subject which contain backlinks to your site using anchor text and then submit these articles through free article submission websites.

If you can start a blog on your site maybe with some key word rich articles, create some good backlinks and if possible post in some subject related forums which allow signature links.

Hope this helps

you need to do site analysis, there might be problems on your page like fix the meta tags and more. use for site analysis

Please tell your website address so we can analyze and provide the reasons for it

Make sure your site is not practicing any Black Hat SEO. Second, also make sure you have content rather than a set of links.

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