Do you know any other companies like google adsense I just want to compare them to pick the best one for my sites.

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Yes, there are other PPC companies but do remember that Google Adsense has the biggest reach of audience and thus, the more eyeballs, the higher chances people will click to the links.

eh yes but some morons clicked on my google adds all the time and i am banned thats my question couse i need to find another company

Look into Chitika. They are an ad network that syndicates Yahoo! Content Match ads.

thanks but Chitika is English content sites only

you my want to check thisthey have a list of few way to make money with your web site i hope this is helpful for you

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ye they seen to be good idea as well

Another one that I use is AdBrite. YET, Google AdSense is the best, by far...

there are many , like chitika , cpx , adbrite , bidvertiser , adchina , retrackmedia , yahoo ads , rightmedia etc

give them a try

Adsense is the best. If not, why don´t you try CPA.

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