I'm not very savvy when it comes to social networking or SEO. We operate a 501c3 Nonprofit referral website to help small businesses. Our service is important to business owners and we're good at what we do, but we lack knowledge in Internet Marketing etc. What I hope to do is "PARTNER" with an expert in either of these fields (SEO or Social Networking). This SEO or social networking "GURU" (or expert) will use their knowledge to help drive traffic to my site and it will be on a revenue-share arrangement. Is this possible? thebaerproject org

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I'd like to offer help - I have solid experience in social media marketing and understand how to think about it with respect to traditional marketing. Can definitely help you solve for that part.


Hi there ... Is this possible to partner with someone to manage your SEO? Yes, it is! There are a lot of people who work in the Internet marketing industry as consultants for a retainer. Because you are a nonprofit, some SEOs may be willing to work for you pro bono in exchange for gaining experience. Additionally, Internet marketers are a very entreprenurial people as a whole, so there are many out there who are willing to join a startup or young company as a partner for a stake in the business. (Not exactly sure how that one would work out for a non-profit)

However, SEO is comprised of a series of techniques to gain traffic from search engines. It is INCREDIBLY hard to measure because there is no way of knowing exactly what google's algorithm is and exactly what it was that caused google to send you more or less traffic this week versus last week. Therefore, actually measuring the success of an SEO campaign is difficult enough as it is. I think it would be near impossible to find someone willing to do SEO on a rev share arrangement.

I also recommend attending social media/internet marketing events and talking to SEO professionals there and get a feel if this is the right expert for you. You also need to work with someone you can work along with and mostly understands your site's and business needs. Remember SEO is an ongoing process.


Just a pieces of advice...
1. Find someone in your area who is expert how to do SEO and social networking. It's better to work with someone personally than any other means like online or virtual partners. You can post a job opening in your area (you need to be a fully registered firm to do this).
2. if option 1 is not available hire someone online. You can post job opening to any freelancing sites or online market... You can choose the right people and of course find a reliable online market place for you to negotiate.
3. if option 1 and 2 is not the cup of your tea, you can search online tutorials but that takes a lot of time.
I prefer the first one, it's more secure.

Hope this will help.

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