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Please Suggest me I am searching for the SEO tool which I can use for SEO purpose.....But not too expensive. Which can generate all type of reports required by the client, like keyword ranking in SERP and competitors analysis etc.....I have read about the WEB CEO and SEO ELITE, SEO Quake etc ... Please tell me which one is good to use if someone is using that...
Will be great help for me....Thanks In Advance...

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Generally i would prefer to use Google tools for my seo purpose, because more secure and consistent.

There are a handful of really good free SEO tools ... just Google for them. Also, as joelchrist suggests, use google webmaster tools.

In my own experiences, SEO Elite would be a nice choice for this purpose. Also, SEO Quake is only a free add-on for your browsers although it is also really helpful for SEO purpose.

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SEO Elite is a very good tool. Is very complete.

My most frequently used SEO tool is the firefox extension SearchStatus.

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