Hello friends,

I really don't like weekends (Friday nights & Saturdays & Sundays) because my websites are not positioned as good as on weekdays, even I work harder on weekends in submitting to web directories and social bookmarking sites.

For example, during weekdays, my sites are on the second page on Google, but they are on 4th page on weekends.

I really don't know why these major search engines don't like my websites on weekends.

Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you for reading and have a lucky day!

Does the day affect the ranking of our blogs and websites?
I had not met anything like this before.
Thanks for opening it up.
Maybe there is a change in indexing on that days.

I think the competitors work harder on weekends so my sites don't get good indexed.


Your ranking fluctuations have nothing to do with particular days of the week or how hard you blog on certain days. Either you rank or you don't and that depends on over two hundred on-site and off-site factors.