I have a blog with variety topics of technology information, submitted to blog directory, backlinks site and etc, but unfortunately it's not indexed by google, yahoo index is okay. My blog is about 6 months age. Please help suggest me how to make google index my google!

Hi, i'm not sure but maybe such tool as semrush will help you?


Firstly, I would like to mention that original contents would be the essential issue for a blog success.
Secondly, updating your blog regularly and submitting a well-structured sitemap might be helpful for this purpose.

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Hope this will work,This method works for me to Index my website.

Go to Socialmarker.com and dispatch upping for at primogenial 50 of the superlative accounts which they bestow you the opportunity to win. Once you postulate signed up growth you obligatoriness or you rap stay manually. Next, get the splice of your created – but not yet indexed – page, besides submit it to all the websites you signed up owing to keep secret socialmarker.com. Make consummate you alimony a list of all the social bookmarking accounts you generate, including each RSS fodder from your account’s profile page. If you are doubtful about RSS Feeds, you can learn additional about them on my website . Then, use the tool Pingomatic from Pingomatic.com also submit each of your URLs and feeds to it. What Pingomatic does is keen search engines of the extended cordial bookmarking posts which you take it made. When Google visits it flows owing to the link you hold created to your new page (which you wanted indexed) and indexes it.

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Anusha Kulasinghe

First of all, you should never compare search engines or expect that just because one indexed you the other one should too. They are two different SE, with different bots and different algorithms. Hence, the time and way they index sites and blogs is totally different.

Second, when it comes to a blog, fresh and unique content is crucial. But most importantly is QUALITY content.

Third, if you have a free blog that affect the time of indexing. This is NOT always true, but I have seen a lot of cases like it. For example, blogspot is from Google and it tends to get pretty fast attention from Google...

Finally, with Yahoo and Bing merging pretty soon, do not rest to sure on Yahoo. No one really knows what will happen with sites and SERPS in both of these engines. So, keep up the SEO work and be patient. Soon enough Google will take you on.

Unique content is definately important. It must also be updated regularly.

Thank's for the suggestions buddy, i try it..
Hope works...!

Submit your blog url t social bookmarking site by that you will get some authority link which help you lot

Submit your blog on blog directory sites...

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