Apart from all those methods listed above, you can also use forums, forums are great source of getting direct traffic and link juice as well if you find related forums.

I think SEO and social bookmarking are the two top rated ways to get traffic to your website!

Blogging and forum posting is the best way to draw traffic to your web site.However back linking and directory submission also works.

I myself completely agreed but I found the blog commenting very impressive.

forum post and little media processing I do but one thing remains, that I do not know how to get and add links to my site.

In short.. Do Ethical SEO in your website..


Good tips to increase traffic. Social networking sites also helps to increase traffic.

Social Bookmarking sites are good source of traffic into websites & blogs. You will get tons more traffic if you submit your site manually. And your efforts will pay off. You can not only just save our favorite websites and send them to our friends, but you can easily spread your site link to other peoples. Social Bookmarking allows you to advertise your websites to different social media.

Great comments given by all. But I think @AirForceOne summarized it best.

I'd just add that increasing traffic to your website is not in itself a silver bullet. I always like to highlight that clicks/hits do not pay bill - conversion does.

So work on the conversion goals of your website and optimize your website to meet those goals.

It's better to spend little money to have 1000 visits with 90% conversion rate than to spend much money 1000 visits and just 50% conversion!

Hope that helps.

there are so many way to get traffic for ur website like
1)directory submission
2)blog post
3)article post
5)smp and more

Increase back links to your site makes forums blog comments article submission directory submission add a Google search ranking

Advertising plays an important role in increasing traffic and the number of viewers can find them more easily. There are several ways to free or pay to advertise your business in line with these banners and text links are important announcements of advertising is free and there is a way to place ads related to help maintain traffic.

The best way to increase traffic on your website is Social networking, Forum posting, Article posting, Crete blog, directory submission etc. But this all submission must in good quality and quantity, and you can get best result.

You can increse your site traffic by seo,for that start
Using forums Signature
Blog commenting
Aritical Distribution,
Directories submission
And try to get quality backlinks from high PR site

create backlinks.
Use social bookmarking & social networking sites.

There are many ways to increase site traffic like blog posting and commenting, forums posting with your site url on your signature, social bookmarking, article submission,participating on social networking site, and etc..

traffic can be increase by social networks promotion. facebook and twitter are the best networks to drive maximum traffic to your website.

Now a time for visitors increase the people are only follow the social networking & bookmarking sites. from the facebook, twitter, digg, delicious, stumble upon for these site we have to increase more no of quality visitors & business also..

1. first create account for all sites.
2. increase your friends list
3. the friends are should be in theme related.
4. you need to update & manage day to day..

surely you will get more no of visitors from these way..

By doing article submission to various directories, you can increase traffic to your site. It is he best way to get traffic to your site.


I have gone through your post and its really good but you can also generate traffic through social networking sites and forum posting.

SEO is a difficult concept to fully comprehend, only google really knows how their algorithms really work, i could be wrong but I think backlinks are the most important factor

First create account for all sites.
Using forums Signature
Directory submitting
Article distribution
Blog commenting and more ways are there to increase the traffic of the website.

if you want to increase traffic and PR then if you are using blog comments then really really backlinks helps to boost the Search Engine Rankings of your Website. then you will be able to see result when google update PR of websites. make sure all backlinks should be dofollow links from high authority sites.


i m currently using article writing and also adsense for paid traffic,

i am also using some tools to submit the site at different directories

you can spread your website name where ever on the web you can .. to attract traffic..

Hi guys i want share some thing about seo which may make you site to top of google search
# Just post your unique articles with a backlink in many article websites which as atleat 1 page rank, if its more than that its like golden Hen for you.

# make a good comment with your website link in many blogs whose links are do follow and page rank is high

# make your website no script error and avoid javascript as much possible becoz google does not read it

# remove images as much possible and place there with text contents
make your web pages interlinked to each other eg. Home-protfolio-logo etc ,H1 tags, Bold tags , alert tags, title tags this makes google to catch you web easily when compare to other sites

these are small part of SEO

these are the pillars of search engine optimization so make note of this
Keywords – the Most Important Item in SEO
Links – Another Important SEO Item
Content Is King
Visual Extras and SEO
Static Versus Dynamic URLs
Promoting Your Site to Increase Traffic

Some tips to increase traffic on website are given below:

-Modify Post Tags
-Follow The Leader
-Post At Specific Times
-Donate A Post

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