Article exchanges. You may have heard of link exchanges, useless as it is in general. Article exchanges such as link exchanges, and a lot more than just useful. You published an article last person in the history of pudding pops with a link to the site. They publish your article on the top ten pudding pop flavors in Viet Nam, with a link to your website. You are both content. You both get high quality links. (More information on links with high quality in other tips.)

One of the best SEO tips is the key to consciousness. You may need to modify the content, the HTML, the image name or URL to install a series of keywords. But it should remain within the limits of keyword density. Otherwise, the content of your site does not attract users and search engine spiders can be considered garbage.

Blogs and Content are so important

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First is On-Page Optimization, than go for Off-page optimization (Dir Submissions, Article Submissions, Forums, Commenting.. )

Quality and quantity comments are best way to getting more and more traffic in google, yahoo, bing and other search engines. Use unique keywords and must have to relative to your websites name or subjects. Theses are so many best options for getting top ranks.

Search result presentation
Optimizing a page's title tag, description meta tag, and the structure of your URL can seriously help in improving the presentation of your pages in the search results.
URLs can take many different forms
choose the easiest to remember form of the URL as the canonical,be consistent with this canonical form across all products
On-page optimizations
Optimizing on-page elements of your pages, such as keywords, heading tags, and internal links can help search engines better understand the content of these pages and how they’re structured

Good sharing informative.

Any one can share What is On page and Off page Optimization and what is the difference between them

There are TONS of threads here that provide a lot of useful tips. I think that once you follow the most important On-page and off-page tactics, implementing them as best suits your site's needs is what will work best. Remember that although there are universal SEO tactics that should be followed, some niches may require implementation of some of these tactics with more frequency.

Finally, it is important to remember that SEO is an ongoing process and not one that should be "set and forget". Not to mention that there are things constantly changing.

I want top know different in On page and Off page SEO What is this ???

1. We need to given the equal effort for on page & off page.. without equal we cant get good SERP position in instantly..
2. Avoid black hat SEO, this very dangerous for Google
3. Google mostly like content, so you need to optimize the content frequently..

what i got to know abt SEO are very simple and obvious ones like Forum posting,blog commenting,Article writing,Social bookmarking,SE friendly web design...

Use h1 tag for your main keyword.

On page and Off page optimization is the best methods for getting ranked in google

Social bookmarking is so far one of the most relevant technique for link building.I want to say that one should also do social bookmarking of approved linked from different directories.

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Good tips,thanks for sharing with us.

Most of the tips are already mentioned here, however, here are some points which I take care while doing SEO of a site:

1. Insert keywords within the title tag so that search engine robots will know what your page is about.
2. Do not use the exact same title tag on every page on your website.
3. Use the same keywords as anchor text to link to the page from different pages on your site.
4. Describe your images with the use of the alt tag.
5. Submit to the search engines yourself. Do not use a submission service or submission software.

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latest addition in SEO

Build a professional image of yours in facebook and Twitter, find your niche and stick with it. Then you signal will be stronger and link posted by you will be more valuable.


There no one who can post some new seo tips all this are old now please make new seo strategies for website.

SEO Tips:

Found out the good keyword.
Keep concentration out the Title and Meta Tags.
Optimize your Headings and Subheadings
Optimizing File Nomenclature.
Inform out the search engine what to index and many more things.

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Do not forget to have your keyword in your domain name. (very important)

According to me best SEO tips are mentioned below.

Always insert Key words in your title tag.
Always use same keywords as a anchor text link for the different types of pages.
Don't use the same tag on every page.
Always do not link to the link farms.
Always submit to search engines by yourself.

The content have to be informative and useful to the visitor. Just think about yourself. Do you usually continue reading anything without value? Informative, valuable contents are loved by Google.

Increase Backlinks by using high PR sites.

Yes. But be aware from because we can't get dofollow backlinks from their articles. So, it will be a complete waste of time.

Hello Guys,

I will invite everyone dealing with SEO to drop their best SEO tips here, We might have some really useful tips from this page. (I will share few of mine as well!)


Tips for on-page optimization:

  • Focus long-tail keywords
  • Optimize each page with unique & page specific keywords
  • Add exact key phrase in Title, Meta description, H1 tag, URL, ALT tag, image filenames and content
  • Write keywords rich & unique content for each page atleast 300 words
  • Create search engine sitemap and submit in major search engines

Onpage optimization is very important..and
Build more quality links and create quality content to improve and maintain your blog or website's PR.

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