i have heard and seen some of the videos and articles in which people are saying that meta description is not important in google,s eye.. google doesnt look much to it ?
is it right?
than why we get description result when we search some thing in google..we see title and description... than how its unimportant.. even matt cutt from google also say this thing that its not important now?
is this true?

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of course, it is not very important for submitting a site.

yea it is important to describe your site when ever you search in google , you normally see sites with description and i think some ppl do read descriptions also ;)

It's always best to offer Google your version of a description because it sometimes actually uses it to describe your web page. A well-crafted description can be an eye-catcher for searchers and could mean the difference between a visit from qualified traffic, or not.

if meta is not so important than why are google is using it in its results ?
dont you think it has some thing ?
we cant neglect the importance of meta description

i agree because we get description result when we search some thing in google..we see title and description and its how google saves those pages in its data base.. So we can not neglect its importance!


1. In my own experiences, meta description tag would still be important for SERP purpose.
2. Another thing I would like to mention is that it is still a good practice to set up meta keyword tag for our sites since this tag would still be useful for bookmarking purpose though it is not be used for ranking on Google.

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But we can't ignore it that's is really not important for SEO point of view.

Well, in terms of Google and ranking, meta description doesnt matter. But it still very much matters in terms of your potential visitors. Imagine this: your website ranks number 2 for a keyword, has a title, but no description. Instead Google displays some "...bla bla" snippet as the description where the keyword may be contained. This looks a lot less smooth than those other pages under you that do have a nice summarizing description. Which one do you think the visitors will go to?

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